General Security Dogs

Dog Security Services

Criminal gangs and Ram raiders avoid areas where patrol dogs are known to operate. When your business depends on the safety and security of your goods and your premises, a security dog handler can give you that peace of mind you need.

Our clients mainly choose to utilise our dog security services in situations where a large area of land or building needs to be patrolled and the full perimeter of the site needs to be checked. These areas can include:

  • Corporate building and offices: Where issues cannot be resolved solely by a static guard
  • Unoccupied land: At high risk of intrusion and illegal occupancy
  • High-crime areas: Where the addition of a security dog is required for safety
  • Drug detection: Where expert dog senses and handler experience is needed
  • Large sites: Where the full exterior and interior needs to be covered

Dog security can provide a visual deterrent for your site and tackle the issues by proactively protecting sites from damage, vandalism or burglary. The security dog plays a big part of alerting his/her handler to an intruder, who in return completes the necessary procedures to deal with the intruder. Our guard will also maintain rigorous access control for your site to ensure no unauthorised people will access your site. All access must be pre-authorised.

A dog handler and dog can provide an active solution to your issues by patrolling the area and

pre-empting any irregularities and security concerns in the area.

To compliment the dog security, Fides recommend clients also use guard patrol monitoring software to easily track our dogs and dog handlers movements.